Ride to Fitzpatrick’s cafe Bethesda


On a warm sunny day five of us made the ride. As it clashed with the meeting at the Raven, I expect some members went there in preference. In the window is a Triton and inside, two concours machines are behind glass cases, a T120 and a T90.  Various memorabilia adorn the walls and a pleasant sitting area is outside as well. On the way, in the Snowdonia area is a section of resurfaced  road with a temporary 40 mph restriction. At a steady speed almost upright the traction cut in on the Trophy, first time ever. Bit odd I thought until later discovering we had all had an issue with the surface.  So new tarmac really can be very, very slippy. There was a fair bit of traffic about on the A5 and A55, but we had a pleasant day