An easier 2017 Dragon Rally, for us at least

The tradition of the Dragon Rally, held in February in Snowdonia, requires it to be cold and miserable, preferably snowing. Why do we go, pay too much and then moan about it?  This year the site was a mud bath to enter or leave the field and not for my Trophy, oh no.  This year, we left bikes on the road, walked in, had a nose around, then left to go to the pre-booked cottage with log fire and central heating.  Try both ways and see which you prefer.  Second method means you can take your own food to cook and beer to drink without having a cold nose. I still admire the individuals on oddball machines, nice to look at, and then go and sit somewhere warm.


Looks a bit warmer than a tent, doesn’t it?

DSCN0030Keith, supplier of the beer tap sits between Ken and Mal, who went to the Elephant rally this year in the Bavarian mountains, in the snow. Notice the rather special hats, also arranged by Keith.

DSCN0098 DSCN0063

I’ii have a pint of that, says Jason, ex White Helmet of backwards riding fame, cheers Keith


This tent looks alright, Mal deciding where to be comfortable.



Nice view outside as well.      Wonder what we will do next year? and a thanks to Jan and Julie for the home cooked food.