Monthly Archives: April 2017

Ride to Fitzpatrick’s cafe Bethesda


On a warm sunny day five of us made the ride. As it clashed with the meeting at the Raven, I expect some members went there in preference. In the window is a Triton and inside, two concours machines are behind glass cases, a T120 and a T90.  Various memorabilia adorn the walls and a pleasant sitting area is outside as well. On the way, in the Snowdonia area is a section of resurfaced  road with a temporary 40 mph restriction. At a steady speed almost upright the traction cut in on the Trophy, first time ever. Bit odd I thought until later discovering we had all had an issue with the surface.  So new tarmac really can be very, very slippy. There was a fair bit of traffic about on the A5 and A55, but we had a pleasant day

T.O.M.C.C. B &W pay tribute to the White Helmets

We were kindly invited to the White Helmets training camp before their show season starts and watch their final preparations.  During their rest period, we had a play with some of their toys.


Ken with a Tiger 750


Let’s have a go at this pyramid thing, Dave is first one on Andy’s Tiger


Oh err, starting to get a bit more difficult.


Trust me, It is harder than it looks, and these bikes are not moving.


On a previous visit by Ken and Jan, the R.A.F. came to play and bought their own little toy.


Very special thanks to club member Flt. Lt. Mark, chinook pilot, seen here with ken.

Boys of the White Helmets and armed forces, you have our enduring thanks for this wonderful day.