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2016 Dragon Rally


We met up as usual at Llangollen as seen here and prepared to move off after a bite to eat.

The check in point was on the A5 at Capel Curig at the well known cafe and outdoor centre. Tickets on the day were available at £30.  Prepaid £25.  We were directed to the campsite at Llyn Gwynant where we have stayed before. The site was ok for tents being soft and more importantly fairly dry, but there was a strong cold wind which did stay for the weekend.

007Dave and Ken having just checked in and looking like happy bunnies because it’s not raining

So up went tents with Keith the Landmark man lending a welcome hand in the wind, and then Rally badge collection where hot soup was available.

012This was the bike park on hard standing, parking on the grass was frowned upon.

The entertainment area and bar area was too small for comfort so for us the evening entertainment was tall stories around a campfire.  It would have been good fun if it wasn’t for the cold wind making us burn on the front and freeze on the back. Everyone asked at some point the same thing – why do we stand around in a field, in February, in Snowdonia, and pay a lot of money for this dubious privilege. No-one came up with a satisfactory answer.  It is a deeply etched tradition for some and always will be.  There is no logical answer.  However, nowhere will you see a greater variety of machines and also marvel at the ingenuity of some individuals.

Visiting Snowdonia is always a great pleasure and to ride through this country is even better and so we had great ride back and still no sign of rain.  Cannot be bad.