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The show ran from the 15th  – 17th November.  As usual organised by Allen Broad who had collected together 21 bikes for the stand from all decades ranging from Edwardian 3 horse power to the prestine, everyday bikes and specials.  Allen bought along his Hurricane seen in the photo.  The stand was manned by volunteers from various branches throughout the show including our own Bert as seen in the photos, there every day before the doors opened.  This year was a bit different as the bike show was within the car show with what seemed to be less bike organisations invited.   It did mean that a lot of car enthusiasts passing by (assisted by the vain attempts of the show organisers to segregate them as there were different ticket prices ) got to see the bikes and many fond memories were stirred.

A number of new members were recruited and much advise given to visitors to the stand often whilst they were perusing the merchandise on sale.  The organisers think that the previous format may have been better so we may be back to a separate and bigger bike show in an adjoining hall for 2014

words Alan Bromwich