Monthly Archives: September 2013


Everyone knows a local hero, ours is Bert.  His name is Owen, why we call him Bert I have no idea, but we do.  He is held in the highest regard in our club.  He is the King of the Speed Twin.  Bert shows his bike locally and nationwide, but more importantly in our eyes, he rides it sometimes with our club and for longer runs with the VMCC.  He helps enormously in organising our shows and is always ready with any advice required, or indeed a sharp wit if you deserve it.


The man himself.

We had the usual get together last Tuesday and to mark Bert’s rather special birthday arranged a cake.  In he walks, takes it all in and says ” I’ve a confession to make – I’m only 79 (silence) until Thursday” – ripple of laughter.  That’s Bert.



Some of the rest of the crew with our mate Bert.

Take the lesson home friends – riding a bike keeps you young and healthy