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Addition to the garage

For some time I’ve been thinking about buying a Meriden, but which one?  The best looking bike ever made(my opinion of course) was the 650 twin from the late 60’s.  Aquiring one however does need the immediate presence of a serious amount of wonga, or alternatively buying a pile of bits and then spending a serious amount of wonga.  So, I started liking the look of the 750s a bit more and the more I read about them the more likable they became.  Some say the larger engine vibrated more and some say it was made more flexable to make it more user friendly.  There are plenty of parts available if required and the prices of T140s are not yet at the 650 level, although there are some exceptions, the LE Royal Wedding for example.  So I started looking seriously.  Other advantages – left foot gear change and disc brakes – and didn’t the later ones have electric start?  I did read an old road test on an export T140v and the outcome was the best Bonnie to date.  My general plan was always to buy something in the condition that I want, and that was close to concours but not be frightened to use it.  Then I came across this.


A T140 ES of 1981 vintage, 6000 miles repainted and all cycle parts restored.  A bit of haggling and my garage is a bit smaller.

It is still 32 years old so a few checks were required.  The fresh oil is returning nicely and there are enough volts when running.  A check on all electrics revealed no front headlight.  So off with the front of the headlight shell which looked almost brand new and everything appeared fine including what lookes like new wiring.  Must be the switch then, which was original and that revealed some broken solder inside.  That was fixed after a few attempts.  Welcome to the world of classic biking.

I have to say I do not like kicking this beasty, the lecky start does work ( did I say the spragg had been replaced )  Early indications are that she is running a bit rich, although the spark plugs are not the recommended ones so those need changing.  So I think a bit of fiddling with the  Mk 2 amals.

I’ll keep you posted, Steve

Day out on the Tiger

I did say I would take the Tiger to the seaside, but instead I decided to do a couple of Welsh landmarks as I love riding in Wales.  Starting with a boring trip down the M54 and on to the Shrewsbury ring road which the Tiger made short work of I soon found my way to Devils Bridge and the Woodlands Tea shop for the first stop.  There were 3 customers in the tea room, three bikes outside – all three Hinckley Triumphs.  Would that have occurred say five years ago?  How the factory has progressed.  So, I set the sat nav to the place with the unpronounceable  name  and moved on.  Then set the sat nav for Rhayader and over the mountain road, single track in some places but real Tiger country.  After a short stop at Crossgates, I then started looking for the next Landmark, some Abbey or the remains off.  Then the sat nav took me back to Newtown via the shortest route, but not the quickest – about 20 miles of single track.  It was along here somewhere that  the RAF nearly knocked me off the bike with a jet fighter.  The noise had no build up as the plane came from the back.  Ah well, back home along the boring M54.  The Tiger managed 60 mpg on that trip, and I had a really good day out – that is what the landmarks are for.


clue not much standing- he's not joking

clue not much standing- he’s not joking